Top Baby Products and Clothing Trends for Babies and Toddlers

The baby product industry is full of so many products and new ones get introduced ever so often. From sophisticated tech gadgets to simple products like socks or blankets, we are going to talk about the new baby products and accessories like the now Trending Baby Bows that have flooded the market. Let’s talk about a few of these products

Baby Bows

Baby bows have always been popular but in recent times more and more styles have been introduced into the market. Some if the trending Baby Bows are skinny bows, or jersey knots or sailor knots. These bows have stolen the hearts of parents because of their ability to make any baby look radiant and the ease in which they fit with various outfits.

Baby Turbans:

Baby turbans are another baby headpiece that’s making waves now. They are a huge statement piece for babies that come in a plethora of colors and designs. They also come in handy in keeping your baby warm during the fall and winter months.

Athletic Onesies:

Many brands have been coming up with new athletic onesies for babies. Nike created three new athletic onesies for babies and toddlers to keep little ones as comfortable as possible without sacrificing any style. This is great considering the rise in athleisure trends for adults. Now parents can match with their kids in the casual athletic vibes for Saturday barbecue or trip to the park. These onesies usually come with full-length zippers that make them easy to take on and off which allows parents to quickly change their babies when the need arises. This advantage is a huge plus.

Bottles Shaped More Like Mom:

Another new trend is baby feeding bottles made to be shaped and angled like a mom’s breast and nipple. This is especially useful for mums who have a hard time getting their kids to feed on the bottle. Go ahead and trick that little one for their own good will ya! It also makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle a lot smoother for babies and for those babies who can’t be breastfed due to an absent or ill mother, it is definitely a welcome relief and improvement in care for the babies.

Convertible Strollers:

Convertible strollers make life so much easier for parents. Not only do they make it easy to transition from one use to another but they also grow with the baby. This is a huge chunk of relief as babies grow fast and with all the baby products and accessories, diapers and food that babies need to get, getting a new stroller every year can prove to be quite a heavy financial burden. Convertible strollers are loved by parents all over. Also, these convertible strollers are also lightweight in that they provide more convenience when moving them around. They are foldable and can fit into compact spaces like a car trunk or backseat easily. For families who live in big cities “concrete jungles,” the lightweight car seats make it easier to move around the city, getting on trains or highlighting taxis gets easier and faster with lightweight strollers that can be easily folded and unfolded at a moments notice.

Smart Solutions for Common Problems:

New products enter the market every so often but most of these products are not just generic baby products. A lot of these new products come in the form of ingenious designs that fascinated with life hacks that can make life easier for parents. These products solve some common parenting problems like the Mixie bottle, which stores formula powder inside — when it’s time for a feeding, just release the powder into the water and shake; the Kiinde Kozii, which safely thawed breast milk, even in the bag; and Momo Baby shoes, which have an indicator that tells you when baby’s ready for the next size up.

“These onesies usually come with full-length zippers that make them easy to take on and off which allows parents to quickly change their babies when the need arises.”

Muted and Pastel Colors with Modern Prints:

Minimalism is on the rise and it’s also on the rise in the baby product industry. This means that parents want their babies to be part of the trend. Muted beige and gray are here to stay. Grey is used a lot now in nursery designs and car seats, nursing covers, pillows, blankets. So Nurseries even embrace the whole pallet for every item. I’ll have to say, grey is quite a relaxing color and brings a sense of calm.

Colorful Cribs:

Even as grey and monotone pastels have risen in popularity,  bold and popping colors continue to remain relevant and reinvented. Lately, colorful cribs have risen in popularity and it’s new trend parents are jumping on. Having a bright colorful crib in the middle of your nursery does brighten up the room and even your face.

Sensor Technology:

Technology lads the path of innovation in almost every area and that includes the baby product industry. There has been a development of tech-savvy gear from baby monitors embedded with cameras and technology that can help you track your baby’s metrics. Cybex just introduced a new convertible car seat, the Sirona M, seat with a sensor that alerts parents when they accidentally leave their children in the car, if the child unbuckles the seat-belt or if the seat becomes too warm or too cold.

Subscription Boxes for Clothes:

The subscription box industry is new and is growing rapidly. You can almost find a subscription to every product right now from makeup and cosmetic product subscriptions to jewelry, wine, and even food. Now there are also subscription boxes for baby clothes. Considering how rapidly they grow there are now baby subscription boxes that delivery baby clothes at reduced or let’s say wholesale prices Parents can return what they don’t want to buy.

Letter Boards:

Changeable letter boards are all the rave now. You might have seen them on Instagram as they are all over the platform often beside a cute newborn and with the letters saying something cute or whimsical. Letter board replaced chalkboards as they aren’t messy and they provide more flexibility and option that don’t leave a mess.